Is a PlayStation 4 Prototype created on the Gamer Camp: Pro course at Birmingham City University. These assets were created in a production environment. The crystals as seen were created with a degradable intention, they were created primarily in ZBrush low-polyed and Uved in Maya and Textured in Substance Painter. 

Echoes Trailer


Pristine Crystal Cluster

The pristine cluster populates much of the level, the player must smash the way through the crystals to explore and navigate the world.

To Download the PC build and play click here. (You will be redirected to Google Drive).


Cracked Cluster

These crystals appear after the player has hit the pristine cluster twice. 

Broken Cluster

The cluster then breaks after the player hits the cracked cluster once. The example below highlights the general idea. 


Stump Cluster

Once the broken crystals fade out the player will then be able to see the stumps of the destroyed crystals. They have collisions on which gives an extra dimension to the player. The player will move up and down very slightly as they pass over the stumps.


Modular Kit Collection

This collection highlights the majority of the assets that make up this modular crystal kit. This kit includes 6 different crystals, of which a version for pristine, cracked, broken and stumps. The tiling floor texture was created by Tomos Frater. I however created the dirt decal. 

Reflecting on this project I feel there is room for improvement. For example the cracked crystals didn't quite come out how I hoped. I feel the parallel lines don't really work that well, but due to the time restraints during production, there wasn't time to revisit these. I feel the broken crystals have to many pieces and could probably be reduced. I could of also sculpted the cracks into the individual pieces. The sculpted floor mesh which can be seen in most of the imagery above, didn't make it into the game. This was because it's very symmetrical and the tiles would of been to noticeable, this is the reason as a team we decided to go down the decal route which can be seen above.


Overall I feel the project went well and the assets I've created in a production environment look pretty good and fit the stylised art style we set out to achieve. There is plenty of room for improvement and i look forward to my next project.