The Crystal Blacksmith

This Crystal Blacksmith diorama is something I worked on for 8 weeks part time. When starting this project I had the upmost intentions of making this a stylised piece. As the project progressed I found it slipping somewhere between stylised and realism, I went with the flow and found that the style I came out with looked interesting. 
I wanted to structure this diorama around the Crystals which I had made on a previous project.


I developed the idea that the weapons would be constructed, sharpened and built from a cluster of crystals protruding from the ground. The idea is that these rare crystals were stumbled upon by a blacksmith who then decided to build his workshop right on top of them. He would then mine and construct crystal Shards to forge weapons. These would then be sold as elite, high value weapons within the world. 


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The Crystal Blacksmith (High Resolution Screenshot One)

The Crystal Blacksmith (High Resolution Screenshot Two)

The Crystal Blacksmith (High Resolution Screenshot Two)


A selection of the weapons that make up the scene. One of which the Mace I decided to turn into a wall torch. These were created from concepts by Nest Strix,

Anvil Area

A selection of assets that make up the Anvil area of the scene. These are as follows, Anvil, Tree Stump, Tools, Floor Tiling texture, Decal, Foliage (Grass). Floor Texture Inspired by Daniel Diaz.

Work Bench Area

A Selection of assets that make up the Workbench area of the scene. Assets include, weapons, window, floor & wall tiling textures and tools. Window concept by Mathilde Calon.

Reflecting on this project I found I set out with intentions of creating a stylised piece and slowly drifted away from that as the project progressed. I feel next time what ever style I set out to achieve from the start I should try harder sticking to that style, because this was a piece I made for fun it wasn't to much of an issue. Other areas where I need to improve is time management, for example less time on modelling and more time UVing and texturing. 


I'm reasonably happy with what I have achieved, getting assets from concept into UE4 by the middle stages of the project were significantly faster. my productivity and eye for composition is much better than it was before this project. I spent time getting to grips with the fundamentals of lighting in UE4. A key thing I learnt is when to call things 'Done' because realistically I could have spent another year on this project and still wanted to make changes after that year. I feel having the ability to know when to draw the line and realise it's important to actually get your artwork out there so it can be critiqued, this allows for improvements and more learning.