Liam Dummackin

I'm 25 and currently living in Bournemouth, I'm currently looking for a Junior Environment Artist role within the games industry. I'm keen to seek out any available opportunities. Whether that's abroad or in my native country. I'm not the type of person to get home sick, I make where ever I am my home. I'm always respectful to other people. I look at other people how I look at myself just someone trying to make their way in life, Striving to achieve my ambitions. These ambitions are to be successful in anything I do.


Games are my passion, but I have other passions a love for science particularly astronomy. I love sports and enjoy attending the gym several times a week.


I've played games nearly my whole life I started of on the N64 at about 4 years old and then worked my way through the consoles both PlayStation and Xbox. I then ended up on PC and then back to consoles. 


When creating game assets such a props or environments the sense of achievement and anticipation when everything comes together is so satisfying. I'm passionate about creating realistic environment's although i do also have a soft spot for stylised. Bringing a scene to life through environmental story telling is something I strongly believe in. I want to be apart of a fascinating and creative industry working with extremely creative people across multidisciplinary teams.